“Innocence implies guilt.”
-Saudarkyn axiom

The scent of burnt plastic drifted in the air, a testament to the recent use of now-concealed weapons. Rastor was beginning to suspect that the room he sat in was a torture chamber, and not the office of his new superior. The lack of any burn marks or scuffs upon the few surfaces in the office said the last victim had witnessed first hand those weapons’ lethal accuracy. He moved over and slouched down into the slingchair across from the one who would now command his actions. Studying his master openly, he bluntly observed how its scaled flesh was mottled and battle-scarred, noting with candor the fact that it wore no armor or weapon other than its flesh and claws. A display of respect. Rastor knew that it had been a long time since his new master had last seen battle, yet he was openly…

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