I’ve been making shapes of various hues and values in confined and defined spaces (aka art) for so long that I never really thought about the validity of film or video since I grew up in the age before cutting a time based piece of art in a matter of minutes was just not really possible – 

I remember the old Nuevo Hi8 video cameras. I bought one with my very first credit card, thinking I would use it all of the time. I was embarking on the early John Waters films and some of the single pov movies of Andy Warhols Factory with great enthusiasm, realizing the conceptual and magnifying the DaDa absurdity. of course the thing was hardly used and it was not until the recent phenomenon of 6 & 15 second looping in Vine &iG that I really started to take a step back and see where the medium was taking me.  I took to photoshop in 1995 like I had created it, so learning new apps like fused which is essentially a video/pic layering post production tool has been easy as caked on debris 🐓🍭🍦. 

of course 15 seconds gets you a lot of square looping videos taking a lot of space up on your book shelves and I have had ppl ask in Instagram if I ever do longer video pieces, so last night I opened up Final Cut Pro and made this with some older and some recent videos that had origanally been loops. the standard audio is of my making, yet I’m not too sure what it is, when or how it was made, but I do know that the process is very similar to the video – #reduse #reuse #recycle … #transcendentalaccidents are bound to create something very interesting. 

hope this finds your attention span is not completely lost … 

One thought on “I have a new film .. it doesn’t loop and it’s a bit longer than 15 seconds

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