I’ve been making shit as far back as you can really call the stuff you make “shit” … ART as Arostotle would call it, I guess. by the time I was finishing elementary school, I was finding a new pleasure in music. my siblings, both being older than I (my brother by 12 years) had always listened to “good music” … contemporary Rock n Roll – mostly of the progressive variety, but not really. there were a few bands that my sister and I shared on camping trips; notably DEVO. that was great. 

it was RUSH that really isolated me into the workings of this kind of music; in particular the drums (of course). I wanted to play so bad, but alas NO! TOO LOUD! so I settled with the guitar. by the time I was finishing high school it was obvious that I had some innate ability for composition in a defined space – ART. I had never doubted going to college, and there was my major, all built into my brain and such. Academics and art can cause #artdamage and I ended up with a heavy case of the theoretical deconstructive virus. still have it as its incurable. luckily I had made a decision early on in college that I would not let myself be influenced by academics in music. this may have caused a sort of late bloom, but not that late as I was playing both drums and guitar in two gigging bands and had many other recordings and whatnot in the vault by the time I was 21. 

for the past 5-6 years I have been making my own brand of music in an iMac (home studio is such a lame term). most of which is completely experimental, without any goal other than to learn more about audio engineering and to practice the drums, guitar, and multitude of virtual synthesizers at my disposal. 

but every so often I get back to something in real-time like this …
  (link to transcendentalaccidentalism YouTube↴)


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