TRINITY as in 3: The End; neither 1 which is unity, nor 2 which is dualism (binaristic), but 3

Marcel Duchamp
went about the arduous decision making process in choosing readymades attempting complete indifference. he also put limits upon how many readymades he would choose. indifference was the sole aim of the readymade; no aesthetic leanings should be used which is quite difficult as in his own words, “anything can become beautiful if you live with it for a period of time”.
The readymade proved a point – a point that he had been making since he was a teenager painting as an impressionist; that art is not about good or bad and has no relevant measure of success in regards to a career since factors of class, status, race, and sex are always precedents for the canon of modernist aesthetics. there are many more bits and goodness that have come from this progressive “loner” who only rode the margins of movements of his time, being inclined to have friendships with other artists whose personages and work he admired, while not getting involved into group politics. it is very clear that once a manifesto has been scribed, the movement is dead. the rules are forever confining and bound to be broken, causing hemorrhaging among the validity of the work of the individual artists.

I had just finished adding’s Duchamp section to the Anti-Remodernist facebook page, when I composed a impromptu audio sequence which I sampled pieces of the discussion with Duchamp on this very topic. later as I listened back to the eventual 3 audio posts I made to soundcloud, I was working on this image … an obvious marker of trinity and the number three. saving these files from the iOS fragment app, filtered thru the imagengine app to be saved as SVG formats, I edited the now vectored images with various color groups.
the final number I ended with, having simply run out of time and motive to wait for my iMac to crawl ( I need to fill the RAM up), was 9.

The same amount of readymades Duchamp had limited himself to as a divisory agent of 3.

no, just chance. weird and beautiful happenstance via #transcendentalaccidentalism.
[put that in your #thisisnotapipe and #vape it]

trinityV8 trinityV7 trinityV6 trinityV6 trinityV5 trinityV4 trinityV3 trinityV2 trinityV11

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