Recently my iMac that I purchased back in 2009 just started to chug chuuuug chhhhuuuuuuggggg … along  

it’s still a great computer. though there’s not a Retina display, it’s a 24″ screen and Intel Duo processing system that can do just about anything I’m up to, except what I’ve been up to. 

I remember when I first took computers seriously as tools for making art. it was 1996 and I had landed at CSU Monterey Bay on the former Fort Ord, where Ethernet T1 connections were already installed everywhere given the military presence of the “under-conversion” land. plus we were a half hour from Silicon Valley and there was no mistake that the Silicon Graphicd Computing Company had its own room in the main computer lab building, full of slick looking workstations … that NO ONE was aloud to touch – and why would you? there was no software for them to do whatever it was they did. I don’t think anyone ever found out.

there was also this weird dude .. an older guy with some fake hippy name that for some reason had an IRIS drum printer in the room the Institute for Visual and Public Art shared with him (and our two – yes, two PowerComputing powermac clones from the year Apple liscenced out its systems to a few other manufacturers). The guy with the IRIS printer was nice and all, he just didn’t know anything about art, and definitely didn’t know anything about the pedagogy being taught at the Institure for Visual & Public Art … in fact, not very many people did. certainly your average student thinking of majoring in art at CSUMB was clueless to the point of disappointment. however, they didn’t realize what they in fact had – it was one on one time with a phenomenal faculty that dripped avant guardism. tho it may have been a question of “pedagogy equaling agenda”, it was as real as the reality of the art world in education and as a profession could be. but I’ll write more about that at a later date — because you’ll want to see this  — click the link below 


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