I have a vine account that seems to be growing more rapidly with followers than any other “like/follow” social media account I use. No, I am not concerned with gaining followers and I really wish the scam-spammers who sell likes and follows would be revealed … as it seems like such a weird thing to have available – a false prophet in the dead internet sea leading computer generated humans into the pixelated promisedland.

anyway, there must be a reason …

  • forks no longer poke out the back
  • salad is heavy … like lead or stones on an athlete
  • sombraro saturday has been moved to sunday, leaving a “hat-gap”
  • kats named kevin are bekoming kite the katch 
  • instigating a hashtag for anything elevates it to famous levels as long as you end it with the word “official”, wether it is official or not. 

most likely my crazy looping videos of my Siamese snowshoe chocolate point oriental shorthair cat are just funny. funny in that most often there are epic backwards launches and leaps, set to original #musicbyryanbsloan or sometimes just #drummingbyryanbsloan which I am always refreshing from my vast library of self-engineered music and experimental audio LP digital recordings. and there is no mention or suggestion that my video edits are anything but pretentious contemporary art that meanders in the DaDa vein, clotting in the intermediate sporit of the fluxus proprietors to bust an aneurysm across their touch screens and apple IDs ….

yea .. probably that. 

that and the whole thing with salad being heavy — I think that accounts for the tiny boom.

[click my vine to see more than just a kat …]

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