Illuminati is Illuminotwhatyouthinkitis

how often have you seen or heard about the illuminati on social media sites, apps, or the www in general? chances are at least a few times, and depending on your age, politics, and general moral alignment you have at least wondered what reptiles have to do with this …


Well let’s see. It’s really all about the opposite of what ppl have come to envision. Even from its name .. The Enlightened .. we should refer to what that term means: truth, knowledge, the facts behind the bullshit, and even to know what the universe, life, and the singularity of all things is. We commonly associate the term enlightened with Buddhism and the western philosopher Emanuel Kant and his notions which are associated with the era of modernism. I cannot speak on Buddhism, tho I suggest that various eastern practices as such have a better grasp on the subject than any western ones do. As for modernism, one only need to realize there is a postmodern era which announces that there were problems with the formerly mentioned. But let’s stick with the origins of the Bavarian  Bund der Perfektibilisten which was an academic rooted group in 1776 that had issue with the domination of western religion in universities and did not see the appeal of the cost of freemasonry… So it’s pretty simple. Essentially separation of church from academics, since there is no sense in teaching facts alongside a book full of holes that offers no author and is pre-texted on the greatest mythical narrative of all.

But it’s not simple when controlling the masses is threatened by discounting a grand narrative that keeps things in acceptable order and justifies the punishment of those that step outside that order. The illuminati were perhaps an early form of what you would call humanists; where doing good and being good were not things that were learned from or defined by a religion, it’s book(s), or its leaders, who were often as hypocritical as the reptile’s tail is long.

so, as I digress into a possible unending work of fiction where the characters hold names like “Mason Jar” or “The Serpant Cleric” with supporting fictional roles are played out by the millions of Cephalopoda that rise to the surface of Monterey Bay from where they converge with DMT Popsicles and MNDA chromatophore skin cells, so beautiful that you weep a crusted barnacle of neon blue brain stem replacements from deep down – as deep as the Pavific Ocean goes, along side these squid whom illuminati all the dark way down with their bioluminescence combining into one great neon underwater highway under such intense pressure that the Christian and Muslim coloring book religions implode with a simple poke from a nautilus’ shell.


thats not really what all this #mlg and #mlgpro crap is about, but it’s more entertaining and possibly closer to non fiction.


have a deep ocean current,


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