about once a week or less (or more) i do a live broadcast

One of these days I’ll get a schedule down for broadcasting that will be consistent, so when I broadcast these crazy things there might be a chance to listen as its happening. maybe even a chance to chat about what I’m doing while I’m doing it.

until then, I will keep broadcasting when the opportunity arises and the stars and planets are set in accordance with the deep ocean cephalopod who carry me thru this viscous slick of crusted oily bullshit slung by hypocrites.

there are many great moments and very few lulls in each of these in the list. with a free account, you are able to broadcast in one hour chunks. sometimes I go over and into another hour, but 45 minutes is about average – about the length of a live set back when I was playing gigs … that’s 45 minutes without any encore. there are a few that are gleaming morsels of audio epiphany that I will link up in the future, but for now maybe start with the most recent and go backward … or pick a random shoe and scrub thru it till you find something that’s got your cat or dog’s attention and have a listen. 

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