Instructional Deconstructional Guitar w/Lawnmower performance

is an acoustic guitar considered appropriate for performing music with? if so, does the maker of that guitar have any stake in the definition of said music?

years ago when I was in the need for an acoustic guitar I knew that I had come far enough in my guitar playing that buying a cheaper acoustic guitar was really not going to be doing anybody any favors … including my wife, who completely understood the situation. there are plenty of guitars out there that run around $200-$300 that sound just fine. but there are fewer that are just under the $1000 mark that sound superb. in the right hands they can sound insanely good. there are even more guitars in the $2000 and up range, but for some reason they always feel like I’m playing a lush and solid piece of handcrafted furniture and there seems to be very little give on such guitars. what I ended up buying was a Martin DM .. Dreadnaught Mohogany .. simple. Tho this guitar is made in the USA (most guitar makers who were strictly US made have caved into demand and now make guitars in China or Mexico) and has all of what you expect from a Martin guitar, there are a few things it does not have – some of which I couldn’t tell what makes it different and some of which have been perhaps better than a huge solid glossy tank of wood that the higher priced Martins are. It was just under $1000 and came with a “satin finish” which felt more like “no finish” .. great for breaking in in a shorter period of time – within 3 years or so it’s really started to open up and I couldn’t be happier.

but this is not about my Martin.

Is a lawnmower considered appropriate for performing music with? if not, who the fuck are you to say what music is and isn’t? what if you combined the two? guitar and lawnmower? 

or click the link below
Guitar vs Lawnmower

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