contemporary painting that reveals mixed feelings or a dichotomy of emotions or opinions is normally on par with its level of importance. something – a problem or issue is being worked out through a formula that exists in the closed system of signs represented thin the two dimensional space. that which is signified of course lies outside the confines the closed space, and is inherently intangible given that no two ppl will see it for the same content. how close the content is among individuals within the audience that best indicates the coefficient of success.

‘success meaning that the canvas conveyed its story/message unhindered by confusing or distracting elements within the painting.
‘painting is being used as a general term for two dimensional picture-type information created to convey a story about something.

*”*nearly all exceptional art is inherently happy and sad, disgusting and beautiful, incredible and benign at the same time.

click thru link for video from the page


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