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simulacrum painting

simulations are always obviously not the real thing. anything you can think of that uses the word simulation manifests some quirky, not-so-equivalent equivalency to the real thing, though simulations in the utilitarian sense are often used prior to the ability to use the real thing. flight simulators have become so sophisticated that perhaps they are an exception, but driving simulators will never reach the kind of operative level as flight for the sole reason that air traffic and road traffic are not even in the same licensing arena, nor are the extensions of the body which create the simulacral manifestation of travel that out performs any natural abilities like walking, running, skipping, rolling, shifting, jerking, pivoting, tucking, snapping, epileptic vibratory locomotivation, or other means of self propulsion.

but not spinning….

im not talking about spinning or gyrating. that would be ridiculous. Who would spin to get from point A to point B? I don’t know. I know of 34 indivials … or rather a group of 32 individuals and their 2 leaders who gyrated in ellipses all the way from Canada to the edge of the Milky Way over the course of a summer. They had #colluded with several top executives in the American Star Federation to be granted temporary embargo relief while wearing vanilla sweaters stitched in lilac and socks of silver lining so that the witness to the full blown fraud fiesta could be better assimilated after being drowned to death every winter without chocolate slacks or berry pants to to keep them covered and sweet to the mouth. Had spinning occurred all hell would have broke loose. #thaticantellyou

in this painting, the subject is set free from most activities involving current computer technology and their operating system softwares. Perhaps it is a dream come true. Perhaps it is a nightmare that all people have after gyrating from the center of a geographical parallelogram to it’s caramel nougat Christmas vest patterned race car with Italian manuscripts in seven Asian languages over the course of 38 minutes. Either way the subject objectively has no fucking hands. How they disembarked is not really indicated, nor are the hands visible, which suggests that perhaps there never were any. If  the viscous red substances splattered about and roping in a pile from the openings at the ends of the subjects arms is blood, then maybe it’s just a #constant. This may not be a tragic narrative after all. I can also speculate that this flowing mess is food. Why? Because I am very hungry and want to eat some food. If that food comes out at the wrists, then I got no problem with that.


Maybe you know what’s going on here. The artist that painted this image is a Dutch-German Chocolate Cake from California and does not take responsibility for assumed content in any of his paintings. Generally speaking, assumed content coupled with exaggerated and gestural form is basically the approach. trying to critique some meaningful message or narrative from it can only end badly, so I suggest that you don’t try.

if you truly cannot help yourself, then leave a comment which specific“efficiently describes the size of the opening needed to place the money that will be `used to purchase this fine work.

*do not cut your hands off at the wrists thinking a viscous candy will poor from the opened ends that you can lap up or sell to children. Just don’t do it if for no other reason that it would be hard to use your touchscreen device.



A new collection of work is coming down the pipe. Somewhat of a departure from the SNAKES AND EGGS Collage work I’ve been doing, these newer pieces are rooted in the ideas of writing, language, graffiti, and the postmodern practice of using a pre-existing image or material that carries a weight of signification that is altered or alters that which is applyied over it.

these are the first two in the series with many more completed and even more planned after that. Though they remain in a digital state, they were created with the intention to print.

check back or follow to see the new work as it comes out every week


PHYSICAL GRAFFITI - California Garter Snake

California Garter Snake


Metaphysical Algebraic Copyright®







Fish Center Live is guilty of implied age discrimination and violating the OWBPA Civil Rights Act 0f 1990. By referring to a separate tank of saltwater fish as the “Junior League” they have instigated an emotionally charged smear campaign that has members of the (#prerecorded) live chat to declare their hatred and desire to remove all fish who are in the junior league.

The major mistake was to miscalculate the need for #divisions or #conferemces which would keep all fish at the same level without confusing new fans or insighting mob hostility through the (#prerecorded) live chat.

As it stands, the junior league is just a #simulacrum and #prerecorded at 1pm PST on the West Coast, while airing at 4pm on the Eastern Seaboard….

Its still the best dam show on any network anywhere …



Instructional Deconstructional Guitar w/Lawnmower performance

is an acoustic guitar considered appropriate for performing music with? if so, does the maker of that guitar have any stake in the definition of said music?

years ago when I was in the need for an acoustic guitar I knew that I had come far enough in my guitar playing that buying a cheaper acoustic guitar was really not going to be doing anybody any favors … including my wife, who completely understood the situation. there are plenty of guitars out there that run around $200-$300 that sound just fine. but there are fewer that are just under the $1000 mark that sound superb. in the right hands they can sound insanely good. there are even more guitars in the $2000 and up range, but for some reason they always feel like I’m playing a lush and solid piece of handcrafted furniture and there seems to be very little give on such guitars. what I ended up buying was a Martin DM .. Dreadnaught Mohogany .. simple. Tho this guitar is made in the USA (most guitar makers who were strictly US made have caved into demand and now make guitars in China or Mexico) and has all of what you expect from a Martin guitar, there are a few things it does not have – some of which I couldn’t tell what makes it different and some of which have been perhaps better than a huge solid glossy tank of wood that the higher priced Martins are. It was just under $1000 and came with a “satin finish” which felt more like “no finish” .. great for breaking in in a shorter period of time – within 3 years or so it’s really started to open up and I couldn’t be happier.

but this is not about my Martin.

Is a lawnmower considered appropriate for performing music with? if not, who the fuck are you to say what music is and isn’t? what if you combined the two? guitar and lawnmower? 

or click the link below
Guitar vs Lawnmower

Colourlovers Secret Habit

isn’t this just too cute?

One of the first interactive creative tools I found for my iMac in 2009 that was not software, but an all inclusive GUI for exploring the world of additive RGB color was

it is incredibly cheesy, stupid, and a bore … but I am obsessed with color, so had no problem getting sucked into the whole thing. I just made this pallet from an image of mine in about 1/32nd the time it took to press this.

highly recommend this www for color and hue obsessed ppl

Color by COLOURlovers