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A new collection of work is coming down the pipe. Somewhat of a departure from the SNAKES AND EGGS Collage work I’ve been doing, these newer pieces are rooted in the ideas of writing, language, graffiti, and the postmodern practice of using a pre-existing image or material that carries a weight of signification that is altered or alters that which is applyied over it.

these are the first two in the series with many more completed and even more planned after that. Though they remain in a digital state, they were created with the intention to print.

check back or follow to see the new work as it comes out every week


PHYSICAL GRAFFITI - California Garter Snake

California Garter Snake


Metaphysical Algebraic Copyright®


One for Monday … and the coming years

Meaning Lesson 101 - Fish and Water

a little subtle in suggestion, perhaps, but no less impactful in its lessons that teach us the meaning of fish.


Fish Center Live came back from their holiday reruns on my birthday, so I ended up missing about 3 shows. I honestly expected them to take the rest of the week off, but I guess there is no rest for the fishes. The episode in question included FishGuyJosh’s gift (awesome fish guy) to the fish and their commentators.

Something caught my eye when I watched this episode – Ok – lots of things catch my eye on FCL all the time, but this was one of those optical thematic extension illusions. – check it out.



No – the table in the Fishcenter Live studio doesn’t look like this …



Fish Center Live is guilty of implied age discrimination and violating the OWBPA Civil Rights Act 0f 1990. By referring to a separate tank of saltwater fish as the “Junior League” they have instigated an emotionally charged smear campaign that has members of the (#prerecorded) live chat to declare their hatred and desire to remove all fish who are in the junior league.

The major mistake was to miscalculate the need for #divisions or #conferemces which would keep all fish at the same level without confusing new fans or insighting mob hostility through the (#prerecorded) live chat.

As it stands, the junior league is just a #simulacrum and #prerecorded at 1pm PST on the West Coast, while airing at 4pm on the Eastern Seaboard….

Its still the best dam show on any network anywhere …




contemporary painting that reveals mixed feelings or a dichotomy of emotions or opinions is normally on par with its level of importance. something – a problem or issue is being worked out through a formula that exists in the closed system of signs represented thin the two dimensional space. that which is signified of course lies outside the confines the closed space, and is inherently intangible given that no two ppl will see it for the same content. how close the content is among individuals within the audience that best indicates the coefficient of success.

‘success meaning that the canvas conveyed its story/message unhindered by confusing or distracting elements within the painting.
‘painting is being used as a general term for two dimensional picture-type information created to convey a story about something.

*”*nearly all exceptional art is inherently happy and sad, disgusting and beautiful, incredible and benign at the same time.

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